21 Times Text Messages Are The Only Way To Say It

Because they give a personal touch.

1. When you’re running late.

ID: 3156502

2. When you need to help someone out.

ID: 3156602

3. When you’ve been harbouring a secret.

ID: 3156468

4. When you need relationship advice.

ID: 3156454

5. When you need to lay down the law.

ID: 3156794

6. When your reception is cutting out.

ID: 3156693

7. When you’re giving tech support.

ID: 3156458

8. When you’ve got a crush.

ID: 3156492

9. When poopception happens.

ID: 3156532

10. When you need to tell someone exactly how much you love them.

ID: 3156523

11. Exactly how much.

ID: 3156589

12. When you’re busy.

ID: 3156542

13. When you need cookery advice.

ID: 3157075

14. When you met someone in the club.

ID: 3156748

15. When you need condoms.

ID: 3156579

16. When someone dies.

ID: 3156771

17. When someone got drunk.

ID: 3156818

18. When things are important.

ID: 3156847

19. When you need to keep things discreet.

ID: 3156907

20. When you just have to tell someone what you’re doing.

ID: 3157027

21. When you’re high.

ID: 3157064

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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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