23 Ways To Up Your Makeup Game For New Year’s Eve

If ever there were a night meant for glitter, neon, and *~*drama*~*, this is the one.

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1. Layer a thin line of glitter over your eyeliner.

Use a mixing liquid, like this one, to make the glitter stick.

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2. Line your inner rim with gold for subtle sparkle.

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3. Or if subtle isn’t your thing, add a swipe of bright colored liner.

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4. Make sure your bright lipstick lasts all night by dabbing powder over a tissue to set it.

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5. For really bright neon nails, paint a white base coat first.

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6. The same is true of bright shadow.

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7. Gild the bejeezus out of your whole eye.

Find the products used here.

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8. If ever you’ve wanted to try a Nicki Minaj-inspired neon look, now’s the time.

The full tutorial (lips included) can be found here.

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9. Decorate your lids with large chunks of glitter.

Just don’t get in any in your eye, for the love of god.

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10. Glitter tips are insanely easy to pull off when you use tape as a guide.

Find out more here.

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11. Give contouring a whirl so your face glows.

Find the full instructions here.

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12. Try false eyelashes.

They’re def not as terrifying as they might seem.

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13. Add some sparkle to your lips.

Get the full directions here.

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14. Go full-on smokey eye.

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15. If you’re bored of black, try your smokey eye in an unexpected color.

Like purple!

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16. Use eyeshadow to create a new nail look.

Get the full instructions here.

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17. Frame shimmery liner with black.

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18. If you’d prefer your makeup not be running down your face by the end of the night, don’t skip primer.

Buy this one here.

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19. Setting spray is a godsend as well.

This one is available here.

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20. Temporary tattoo eyeliner is wicked easy to apply.

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Read alllllll about it (and its less-wieldy lipstick counterpart) here.

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21. A well-placed rhinestone (or seven) can do magic*.

*sort of.

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22. Paint your nails with glow-in-the-dark polish.

Get it here (it’d also make a rad last-minute Christmas gift).

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23. Go for two-toned lipstick.

It’s just barely noticeable but makes a big impact.

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