9 Ways To DIY Your Very Own Baby Groot

We are all Groot.

1. Crochet him.

And make him dance! Get the pattern here.

ID: 3624234

2. Embroider him.

Or buy this incredible Etsy version here.

ID: 3624479

3. Fashion him from polymer clay.

Danielle Carter /

See how it’s done here.

ID: 3624402

4. Dangle him from your lobes.

Like this Etsy seller.

ID: 3624516

5. Convert a Movin’ and Groovin’ Flower.

ID: 3624314
Patrick Delahanty Facebook: media

Find the full instructions here.

ID: 3624311

6. Stuff him full of catnip and give him to your cat.

Or buy this toy on Etsy.

ID: 3624530

7. Break out the Perler beads.

This echo of childhood is available here.

ID: 3624775

8. Cross-stitch him.

Buy the pattern here or the finished product here.

ID: 3624495

9. Inscribe him on paper and send him to your loved ones.

Buy the card here.

ID: 3624784

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