The 17 Most Twee Sex Toys Of All Time

Sometimes vibrators can seem a tad intimidating. You know what’s not intimidating? Flowers and cupcakes and Hello Kitty!!!

17. Cupcake Vibrator

Om nom nom.

ID: 1353536

16. Popsicle Vibrator

For those long, sticky summer nights.*

*I’m sorry.**
**Nope, nvm, I’m not.

ID: 1356773

15. Heart Vibrator

ID: 1356766

14. Rubber Ducky Vibrator

It floats! And shakes! And ruins your memories of Sesame Street forevermore!

ID: 1356781

13. Hello Kitty Vibrator

ID: 1356777

12. Flower Vibrator with Detachable Cock Ring

Because every flower needs a detachable cock ring.

ID: 1357043

11. Mini Teddy Bear Keychain Vibrator

So you can always have it close at hand.

ID: 1357096

10. Daisy Vibrating Egg

ID: 1360588

9. Little Alien Vibrators

One of them is, apparently, named “Clitt.” Cool.

ID: 1357227

8. Dolphin Vibrator

ID: 1357255

7. Beaver Vibrator


ID: 1357264

6. Animal-Shaped Vibrating Bullets

They look like the cast of some cultish animated TV show where every character has a different accent. Except, like, for grown-ups.

ID: 1360125

5. Cow Remote-Control Vibrator

Putting the “ooooooooo” back in “moooooooo.”

ID: 1360471

4. Monkey Clitoral Vibrator

Omg hiiiiii.

ID: 1360556

3. Turtle Clitoral Vibrator

Omg hiiiiiiii X2.

ID: 1360559

2. Bunny Muse Massager

Everyone’s heard of the Rabbit, but this lil’ guy is here to win your heart.

ID: 1360801

1. Love Bunnies

Unless these guys get to your heart (or other vital bits) first.

H/T Summer who might not actually want the H/T but oh well.

ID: 1360781

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