22 Statues That Don’t Quite Look Right

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially when the beholder thinks a sculpture looks like a giant peen.

1. This is Santa holding a Christmas tree.

But apparently everyone calls it the “Buttplug Gnome.”

ID: 1107237

2. Corpus Christi has “Surfing Jesus.”

ID: 1107242

3. …Who seems a whole lot happier than this Jesus.

ID: 1107311

4. And this one.


ID: 1107387

5. And this hapless angel.

We’ve all been there.

ID: 1107368

6. Some art is abstract.

ID: 1107295

8. While some art is representational.

ID: 1107319

13. Statues don’t have to just be of people; they can also celebrate cats!

ID: 1107306

14. Monkeys!

ID: 1107330

15. Turtles!

ID: 1110769

16. And bears!

ID: 1110421

17. This statue looks totally normal from one angle.

And so boneriffic from another angle that eventually the statue’s arm was removed.

ID: 1110617

18. While this statue stands proudly erect no matter how you look at it.

ID: 1110688

19. Sometimes people have to help statues realize their full potential.

ID: 1107294

22. Just remember: They’re always watching.

ID: 1110718

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