The 18 Saddest Pictures Of Matzoh On Instagram

Passover is going to be loooong, you guys.

1. Oh no.

ID: 1006420

2. So dry.

ID: 1006429

3. Is that food, even.

ID: 1006417

4. Cool plate.

The pattern really brings out the matzoh specks.

ID: 1006439

5. My mouth wants to cry but it’s too parched.

ID: 1006458

6. Dividing it into quarters won’t make it go away.

ID: 1006421

7. WHOA is this really a thing?

ID: 1006422

8. Okay, I guess?

ID: 1006424

9. Keep doing what you’re doing?

ID: 1006461

10. That’s better.

ID: 1006423

11. You tell ‘em.

ID: 1006442

12. Don’t do it, fat pigeons!

ID: 1006428

13. It won’t even make you skinny!

ID: 1006443

14. It’s shaped like Illinois, if Illinois made you want to remove the roof of your own mouth.

ID: 1006432

15. There’s not enough water on the planet to quench this thirst.

ID: 1006451

16. Even Spock can’t save you.

ID: 1006455

17. Your life will cease to be anything but a handful of arid crumbs, scattered meaninglessly across the unthinking world.

ID: 1006464

18. Good effort.

ID: 1006430

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