19 Pinterest Projects Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

Life’s too short to make your ice look like a baby.

1. Upside-down Christmas trees.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good *CRASHHHH*

ID: 1933588

2. Teeny spice racks.

For holding a single paprika flake.

ID: 1933498

3. Bug makeup.

Hey, hold still, you’ve got a…never mind.

ID: 1933534

4. Flower ice.

Put some nature in your nature.

ID: 1933639

5. Baby ice.

If your cocktail isn’t giving you nightmares, you’re doing it wrong.

ID: 1933619

6. Mason jar chandeliers.

Mason jars have given us as a society so many things, and now they bring us sweet sweet death by electrical fire.

ID: 1933602

7. Pistachio shell flowers.

Who needs actual flowers when you can have flowers made of labor-intensive garbage?

ID: 1933685

8. Little men made of flower pots.

Heyy, buddy.

ID: 1934099

9. Gender reveal cakes.

If the universe wanted us to make well-nigh impossible cakes then it wouldn’t have invented sonograms.

ID: 1937975

10. Washi-taping your bike.

Sure, it looks cute, but it will take the rest of your earthly days.

ID: 1933746

11. Crocheted egg cozies.

Again, adorbs, but I strongly believe your eggs can fend for themselves.

ID: 1933541

12. Bouffant buns.

Try this when you’re rushing out the door in the morning and don’t have to be done until nightfall.

ID: 1948971

13. Turning a tire into an ottoman.

For the person with too many tires and not enough low-level uncomfortable seating.

ID: 1948997

14. Turning a trampoline into a teepee.

This actually is the best idea but you should pay a professional.

ID: 1949068

15. Colored pencils organized in rainbow order.

Great way to use up those 4,000 pencils you have just lying around.

ID: 1949737

16. Encrusting your shoes with rhinestones.

It’s all fine until you actually have to walk from point A to point B.

ID: 1950946

17. And your nails.

Slow down there, cowboy.

ID: 1950965

18. (Really most nail art is way too tough for civilians.)

Just a simple five-step tutorial!!

ID: 1951006

19. Covering your backpack in bells.

This is a cheap and easy DIY way to ensure you die alone.

ID: 1951088

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