32 Awesome Things To Make With Nature

Whether you are a kid, know a kid, or just want to pay homage to the great outdoors, these craft-store-free crafts are for you.

1. Driftwood Wall Hanger

Eat your heart out, Urban Outfitters.

ID: 1346402

2. Wire-Wrapped Twig Necklace

You too, Anthropologie.

ID: 1347183

3. Painted Stone Garden Markers

They look good enough to eat/subsequently crack a tooth on.

ID: 1345639

4. Dandelion Paint Brushes

If this isn’t what Mother Nature intended then I don’t know what is.

ID: 1346368

5. Seashell Cake Topper

She sells seashells by the nomnomnom.

ID: 1346890

6. Pressed Leaf Drawings

These pictures, by The Sketching Backpacker, are uniformly amazing.

ID: 1346959

7. Domino Rocks

For hours of non-Candy-Crush-on-Dad’s-stolen-iPad fun. Directions here.

ID: 1346373

8. Hanging Flower Garland

Get the tutorial here.

ID: 1346326

9. Pressed Leaf Necklace

Find out how to make one here.

ID: 1346393

10. Geometric Birch Bunting

This is sliiiightly cheating because it’s made of birch straws and not actual twigs, but with a little foliage, some hot glue, and deep and abiding faith in yourself, you can easily pull this off without them.

ID: 1346738

11. Leaf Printings

Perfect for wall art or wrapping paper.

ID: 1347034

12. Twig Vase

So ~rustic~. Find out how to do it here.

ID: 1347068

13. Seashell Shadowboxes

Get the directions here.

ID: 1346903

14. Crocheted Rock Cozies

Okay I know this is honestly the most not-useful project ever, but I’ve made like five and they live on a little shelf in my bedroom and are so deeply satisfying that IDK dance what you feel. Directions here.

ID: 1346073

15. Birch Bark Lamp

Directions here.

ID: 1347117

16. Leaf Confetti

Paper punches are for so much more than paper.

ID: 1347094

17. Flower Crown

This is way beyond the wilted dandelion wreaths of your childhood.

ID: 1347419

18. Yarn-Wrapped Sticks


ID: 1346126

19. Seashell Candles


ID: 1347155

20. Acorn Candles

Awwwwwwww-er. (Plus they float!)

ID: 1347365

21. Tree Coasters

Gotta keep that artisanal whiskey off the shabby-chic tabletop somehow.

ID: 1347207

22. Leaf-Printed Easter Eggs

The dyes are completely natural as well.

ID: 1347375

23. Stick Plant Markers

This is easy enough for any kid with green thumb aspirations to do.

ID: 1347215

24. Gilded Pine Cone Garland

Directions here.

ID: 1347265

25. Paint-Dipped Pine Cone Garland

The way Pantone intended.

ID: 1347439

26. Stump Tic-Tac-Toe

Make it yourself or buy it from Etsy.

ID: 1347390

27. Nature-Painted Rocks

Even moooooooore naaaaatuuuuuuuure. By Natasha Newton.

ID: 1345648

28. Acorn Deer

Hi new best friend.

ID: 1347411

29. Glitter Feathers

Spread your wings.

ID: 1347449

30. Birch-Covered Notebook

Here is how to make it.

ID: 1347380

31. Owl Rocks


ID: 1347331

32. Feather Pencils

For those times when you have to ~write~ by ~hand~ and want it to be ~fancy~. Directions here.

ID: 1347458

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