28 Low-Tech Hacks For Your High-Tech Gadgets

It doesn’t have to take your life savings or a soldering iron to make using all those fancy electronics so much better.

1. Use inexpensive ear plugs to replace a busted earbud.

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2. Keep your charger from breaking so easily with a spring from a pen.


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3. Take selfies using your earbuds!

It’s witchcraft, but it works as long as they’re the kind of earbuds that have a volume +/- button on the cord.

1. Aim the camera with the earbuds plugged in to the phone.

2. Press the volume + button. It’ll minimize selfie-arm (that horrid condition) and make you feel kind of like a middle school photographer, which is always a plus.

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4. Turns out anything can become a smartphone stand, like a cassette case.

You know, because you have so many of them lying around.

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5. Or a gift card.

Either one you’ve already used or one you’ll never use. (Heyyy, Chico’s.) Here’s how to do it.

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6. (Gift cards also make easy earbud holders.)

Directions here.

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7. Back to stands: You can use a wallet.

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8. A hairclip.

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9. Or a toilet paper holder.

This is mad necessary.

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10. Make a tablet stand for 50 cents from a scrap of wood.

Get the tutorial here.

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11. Or use Legos.

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12. Suspend your tablet over your bed with coat hangers.

Bunk bed semi-necessary.

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13. Everyone’s heard of the toilet-paper-roll-iPhone-speaker, but adding Solo cups can really amplify the sound.

Plus it looks so effing sweet.

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14. Make a solar charger out of an Altoids tin.

Directions here.

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15. Create a charging station so all your gadgets don’t get tangled.

Here is how.

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16. Cut out a cheap and easy charging holder from cardboard.

Your precious baby shouldn’t have to lie on the floor. Directions here.

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17. Or make a pretty one from an old lotion bottle.

Here is how.

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18. Make a TARDIS charging station.

Directions here.

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19. If you don’t need your GPS anymore*, use the stand to hold your sunglasses.

*Either because your smartphone has rendered it redundant, or because you’re just so geographically savvy you don’t need directions from a tinny Australian dude.

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20. Use a binder clip to make a car stand for your phone.

Here is how.

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21. Make a quick jogging band for your music out of a sock.

Directions here.

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22. Meet your new best friend, Sugru.

It’s like tech Silly Putty for grownups and it can help you customize cheap earbuds to fit your ears.

ID: 1278488

23. Sugru can also cushion a sharp MacBook Air edge.

This probably qualifies as a pressing first world problem but life is short; keep your wrists comfy.

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24. Use a binder clip to keep your earbuds neat at your desk.

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25. Or, if you have a MacBook, stick them to the screen.


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26. Make an iPad cover out of a composition notebook.

You’ll trick all the Luddites.

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27. If you happen to have both a busted earbud and a stethoscope, today is your lucky day.

According to Reddit, it’ll do just the trick.

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28. And if the stress of your plugged-in, modern life gets to be too much, crack open a cold one and call it a day.

Thanks, Apple!

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