26 Simple Tricks To Make Your Kids Do Whatever You Want

They have so much energy; shouldn’t it be channeled into making your life easier?

1. Get them to give you a soothing massage.

As long as you don’t mind miniature tire tracks across your back.

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2. Make a trade for chores.

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3. Hide healthy vegetables in desserts.

Like these spinach brownies.

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5. If all else fails, resort to playing with their food.

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6. One Direction turn teeth-brushing into a mouth-party.

If they’re not into 1D, this toothbrush also comes in Selena Gomez and Taio Cruz versions.

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7. Teach saving habits early with a compartmentalized piggy bank.

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8. Keep them from doing dumb stuff online.

Or at least minimizing it.

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9. Get them to always wash their hands.

Money soap available here.

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10. Instill in them a love of math.

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11. Turn picky eating into a game.

Let them roll the dice to determine how many more bites of a meal they have to finish/fake a sense of actual control in the matter.

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12. Sweeping can become a game too.

All it takes is a painter’s tape outline.

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13. So can doing basically all chores.

Write the name of a bunch of different chores on Ping-Pong balls and set a timer, maybe for half an hour. Each time the chore on the ball is complete, they pick a new one, and the kid with the most balls at the end wins. The fabulous prize is entirely up to you.

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14. Get them to clean their rooms.

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15. (This way is just downright cruel.)

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16. Make sure they don’t fall in.

And practice your own aim while you’re at it. Smaller seat available here.

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17. Let them think they’re helping you play your videogames.

They’ll never know the difference.

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18. Keep the peace.

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19. Keep them safely in bed.

ID: 1165586

20. Keep their hair and toys intact.

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21. Let baby animals do the nagging for you.

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23. Teach which shoes go on which foot.

ID: 1166109

24. Make sure they never miss curfew again.

ID: 1166605

This dad made his daughter wear a shirt of his face for a week when she violated her curfew.

ID: 1165589

26. Tell bullies what’s up.

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