18 Helpful Diagrams To Solve All Your Clothing Woes

These’ll make storing, organizing, and wearing your stuff a snap.* *hahahahhahaa.

Being a wearer of clothes can be tough.

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Luckily, the internet is a thing that exists.

And has opinions on everything you should put on or around your body.

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1. Learn how to roll your sleeves the way they do at J. Crew.

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2. And to fold a T-shirt like they do in department stores.

Your friends will be all “lol is your faux-vintage Beatles tee for sale??”

(I mean, they will if they suck.)

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3. Tie your scarf all swanky-like.

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4. Or like one of your very favorite characters.

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5. Translate the language of laundry.

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6. Iron your button-downs like a pro.

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7. Before pairing them with the perfect ties.

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8. Fold your fancy lingerie the proper way.

It gets so teeny!

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9. And save precious drawer space with specially folded tees.

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10. Get out any stain imaginable.

Cool blood, guys.

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11. Put in cufflinks with the greatest of ease.


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12. Learn to decode a dress code.

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13. For formal events, tie your own bow tie.

Clip-ons? Please.

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14. And if you really want to up the ante, try a super-fancy Eldredge tie knot.

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15. Solve any bra problem the universe might throw your way.

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16. Lace your shoes any number of ways.

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17. Pick the right glasses no matter your face shape.

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18. And remember: A simple headscarf can jazz up any outfit.

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