17 Hacks Every Bra Wearer Should Know

Real talk: The only thing better than finding a bra you like is taking it off at the end of the day.

1. Use a paper clip to turn a bra into a racerback, or to hide straps that keep poking out from sleeveless tops.

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2. You can also buy clips if you’re not so into the DIY version.

Available here.

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3. Sew a little tab into a tank to keep bra straps in place.

No fancy sewing skills required.

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4. Prevent your bras from getting crushed in transit with a CupCase.

They’re small and unobtrusive but will protect your lingerie (and your totally crappy five-year-old bra that’s sprouting elastic). Buy one here.

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5. Sew the front half of a cheap strapless bra into a backless dress.

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Find out more on how to do this at Skunkboy.

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6. If you want to cover your neckline a bit but hate the bulk of a camisole, buy one that clips in.

The Cami Secret is very lightweight and fully adjustable.

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7. Keep a strapless bra from falling down by securing it with a convertible strap.

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8. Bring your sports bra into the shower with you when you’re done working out and handwash it.


FitSugar recommends this trick for making bras last way longer.

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9. It sounds crazy, but a (clean) salad spinner will make drying your delicates so much faster.

You might want to keep it separate from your kale, however.

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10. Store bras on a single hanger to save space and keep them from getting bent out of shape.

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11. Attach hangers to store and display a bunch of bras at once.

Find the full tutorial at Artsy Architette.

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12. Convert your bra so it sits lower for low-backed garments.

Find out how at Extra Petite.

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13. Or buy a converter.

This one is called Low Expectations, which, lol.

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14. In a pinch, a maxi pad will guard against poking wires.

Find out more at Mommy Mania.

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15. Learn to fix an underwire that’s poking out.


It’s much easier than you think.

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16. Test the fit of your bra at home with nothing but your hand.


If you can’t fit two fingers under the back strap, it’s too tight; if you can fit your whole fist, it’s too loose.

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17. Strap cushions can keep bras from cutting painfully into your shoulders.

Buy these here, or if you’re in a hurry, dot a bit of glue/silicone underneath your straps.

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