30 Unconventional Two-Person Halloween Costumes

Maybe they’re your best friend or your significant other or just some rando who really really wants to buddy up; whatever the case, step up your costume game this Halloween.

1. Bob Ross and a Painting

ID: 1645311

2. Wilson and Chuck Noland

ID: 1645258

3. Harold and Maude

The greatest love story of our time.

ID: 1625819

4. Google Maps

ID: 1645196

5. Maeby and George Michael

ID: 1645242

6. Link and Navi

ID: 1645271

7. American Gothic

Good for the scowly and the strong-armed.

ID: 1645293

8. Hygiene Products

ID: 1647511

9. The Grady Twins

ID: 1647553

10. Miguel and Tulio

ID: 1647576

11. Ash and Pikachu

ID: 1647705

12. Bed and the Monster Who Resides Under It

ID: 1647725

14. Piper and Alex

All you need is a plethora of khaki (and possibly a screwdriver).

ID: 1649529

15. Jake and Finn

ID: 1647918

16. Howl and Sophie

ID: 1649582

17. Beer Pong

ID: 1647960

18. Cosmo and Wanda

ID: 1648019

19. Candy Crush


ID: 1649550

20. The Maitlands

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beet— sorry.

ID: 1648059

21. Lindsay and Tobias Funke

ID: 1648535

22. Daenerys Targaryen and Dragon

Maybe your person is a little dog. I don’t know, I don’t know your life.

ID: 1649157

23. Sushi

ID: 1648568

24. “The Kiss”

ID: 1649039

25. Walt and Jesse

ID: 1649451

26. The Eleventh Doctor and TARDIS

ID: 1649254

27. Tetris

Because you fit together so darn well/probably sometimes make each other so frustrated you want to throw your phone out a window.

ID: 1649400

28. Richie and Margot Tenenbaum

It’s OK, she’s adopted.

ID: 1649380

29. Sherlock Holmes and Watson

ID: 1649504

30. Max and a Monster

For pairs both big and small.

ID: 1649295

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