25 Clever Tricks To Make Your Summer So Much Better

You’re meltinnnnnng. But you don’t have to be!

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1. Buckle your seatbelt when you leave your car so it’s not SCORCHING HOT when you return.

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2. Put your phone in a plastic bag for an instant (and cheap) waterproof case.

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3. Stinky, sweat-riddled car? NOT ANYMORE.

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4. Dryer sheets work wonders in luggage as well.

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5. And shoes!

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This is especially useful after a long, sweaty day of walking or running.

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6. Get to relax at your own barbecue with a remote meat/grill thermometer.

Available here.

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7. Ensure your freezer pops get a clean cut by standing them upright.

This can save a lot of space too.

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8. Open a can even once it’s been shaken.

Hit around the sides repeatedly until it feels settled.

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9. Become the S’MORE MASTER.

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10. And the HOT DOG CZAR.

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11. Get a bed fan to make your sheets nice and crisp.

Available here.

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12. Use a drink cozy to guard your hand against a scorching hot gear shift.

And then use it to keep your booze cold. Thanks, science!

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13. Speaking of cold booze, a wet paper towel + a freezer will cool any bottle down in a hurry.

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14. If you need to entertain a large group of people (read: drunkards), use trash cans and a volleyball to play a gigantic game of beer pong.

Whether you actually fill said trash cans with beer is entirely up to you.

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15. Reading while lazing around at the beach just got a whole lot easier.

Get this collapsible sun lounger here.

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16. Protect your valuables at the beach with this quasi-gross diaper disguise.

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17. Baby powder will make sand come right off your skin.

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18. Rub lemon juice on sweat stains before putting your clothes in the wash.

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19. Create your own makeshift sprinkler with a two-liter bottle.

Get the full directions here.

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20. Float your tunez in any pool with waterproof speakers.

Available here.

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21. Keep your drinks from tipping over on the beach or in the grass with these handy stands.

Available here.

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22. Love popsicles but hate sticky hands? Cupcake liners have your back.

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23. It’s probably a last resort, but panty liners can work wonders to help fight pit stains.

Find out more here.

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24. Creamy baby oil can repel mosquitos and won’t smell horrible.

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25. As for getting that beach body you’ve always wanted…


— Sarah Evans (@berabug)
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Step 1: Have a body. Step 2: Go to the beach. YAYYY YOU DID IT HAVE A GREAT SUMMER.

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