33 Adorable And Creative DIY Ornaments

Your tree will be the envy of all the other trees. Plus, a lot of these are seasonless enough that you can display them year-round!

1. Fill a clear ornament with sprinkles.

Do not let your child attempt to eat it. Directions here

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2. These cinnamon-applesauce heart ornaments aren’t edible, but they smell fantastic.

Directions here.

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3. Make an ornament from old CDs.

As long as it’s not “Blue” by Eiffel 65 or you are a Christmas monster. Directions here.

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4. A glittery mustache perks up any tree.

Directions here.

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5. Make a thumbprint reindeer.

Directions here.

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6. Make ornaments out of balls of yarn.

Directions here.

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7. Fold paper to make this origami-inspired ornament.

Directions here.

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8. Or use an old map.

Like this href=””>blogger.

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9. Fold these paper flowers.

Directions here.

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10. You don’t even need the most basic origami skills to make these modern paper ornaments.

Directions here.

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11. Make a Christmas pickle!

It’s a thing. Directions here.

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12. Put brass tacks to a creative new use.

Stealing supplies from the office never looked so appealing. Directions here.

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13. Stamp salt dough for these cute ornaments.

You definitely already have the ingredients you need. Directions here.

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14. These cube ornaments are easy and modern.

Directions here.

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15. Use pretty rags for these bulbs.

Mason jars are the new Christmas trees. Directions here.

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16. Use a stencil to make bright, simple designs.

Directions here.

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17. Cover an old ornament in strips of newspaper.

Bonus points if your newspaper’s in Finnish. Directions here.

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18. Melt crayons to achieve this swirled effect.

Because of there’s one thing Pinterest has taught us, it’s that everyone needs some melted-crayon art. Directions here.

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19. Spray-paint vintage skeleton keys and hang them from your tree.

This idea comes from Country Living.

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20. Use plastic figurines to make glittery animal ornaments.

Directions here.

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21. If this teeny sweater doesn’t convince you that you should learn to knit, I don’t know what will.

Directions here.

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22. And there’s mittens too.

BRB, dying. Directions here.

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23. Bend wire into personalized ornaments.

Max and Jack sound like really good guys. Directions here.

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24. Make an igloo out of cardboard.

Rust & Sunshine has tons of great ornament DIYs.

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25. Make chalkboard bulbs.

I challenge you to show me a single inanimate object that intrepid crafters have not attempted to douse in chalkboard paint. Directions here.

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26. Also these:

Directions here.

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27. Make a Golden Snitch ornament.

Charm* the Harry Potter fan in your life. Directions here.


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28. Or a LEGO Death Star ornament.

This project requires a fairly hefty amount of effort, but if it’s worth it to you, it’s oh so worth it.

ID: 720879

29. Make imprints on air-dry clay with a piece of lace or doily.

Directions here.

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30. Make macaroni snowflakes.

Directions here.

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31. Birds love Christmas, too.

So make them some festive seed ornaments! Directions here.

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32. Bring back memories of sleepaway camp by melting beads.

Oh, did you not do that? Was that just reserved for those of us who refused to do archery and swimming? Okay. Directions here.

ID: 721217

33. Make these Charlie Brown ornaments out of felt.

They’re surprisingly simple (although it’s not so surprising when you consider that the characters are made entirely of circles). And while you’re making them, you can watch what is inarguably the best Christmas movie of all time. Directions here.

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