27 Unexpected Ways To Give Someone Flowers

Expressing your affection florally doesn’t have to be boring.

1. Buy your love a pair of floral Doc Martens.

My college boyfriend once bought me flower-patterned shoes for Valentine’s Day and I didn’t stop wearing them until the soles parted company from the bodies. Available here (check eBay for cheaper options).

ID: 835888

2. Or a flower cap.

Buy it here.

ID: 835976

3. Bake these delicious pumpkin cupcakes.

Directions here.

ID: 835483

4. Make flower-shaped cookies.

Buy the cookie cutter here.

ID: 835464

5. Not into baking them yourself? Good thing the Internet exists.

Available here.

ID: 835468

6. Flowers and chocolate join forces.

Buy it here.

ID: 835542

7. Apparently this flower smells exactly like chocolate! So, killing birds with stones, etc.

It is, aptly, called the Chocolate-Scented Daisy.

ID: 835513

8. If your loved one has a cat, win its heart with a floral catnip toy.

Available here.

ID: 835589

9. And for dogs, get these treats.

They look legitimately, enviably delicious. Available here.

ID: 835592

10. Let your paramour unwind with flower-shaped bath fizzies.

Available here.

ID: 835528

11. Protect your boo’s phone.

Buy it here.

ID: 835565

12. Nerd out.

Available here.

ID: 836128

13. Make origami flowers.

These each require only a single sheet of paper, with no glueing involved. Directions here.

ID: 835282

14. If they’re always late, make an origami flower that’s also a clock.

Directions here.

ID: 835313

15. If you like the idea of origami but not of folding it yourself, buy this pastel bouquet.

Available here.

ID: 835256

16. Make quick and easy coffee filter roses.

Directions here.

ID: 835396

17. Or felted billy balls.

Apparently these flowers are also called “craspedia,” which sounds kind of like Wikipedia for swear words. Instructions here.

ID: 835440

18. Get them a flower kaleidoscope.

ID: 835364

This is what it looks like inside.


ID: 835382

Buy it here.

ID: 835372

19. True love is a floral flask.

Buy it here.

ID: 835819

20. This is a flower-shaped vibrator.

I am loathe to recommend a vibrator I have never used, but it could make the perfect novelty gift for the right partner. Buy it, if you dare, here.

ID: 835658

21. This is a brooch shaped like an octopus that wants to give you a flower.

Again: right partner, perfect insane gift. Available here.

ID: 835971

22. Bring out your Valentine’s inner child/latent fear of clowns with a balloon bouquet.

They’re easy to make yourself.

ID: 835808

23. If you do stick with the more traditional route, you can still make your bouquet out of the ordinary.

Like with this heart-shaped bamboo.

ID: 835776

Or this succulent bouquet. Available here.

ID: 836092

25. Make simple flowers special with an offbeat vase.

Available here.

ID: 836079

Available here.

ID: 836121

27. Like, REALLY offbeat.

Available here.

ID: 836087

And don’t stress: you’re being sweet and thoughtful and everyone loves flowers.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

It’s pretty hard to go wrong.

ID: 835220

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