27 Signs You’re The Martha Stewart Of Your Friend Group

“Hey girl! What’s up? Would you mind planning my entire wedding?”

1. You deeply understand the difference between ecru and taupe.

And have STRONG OPINIONS on both.

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2. Your cakes out-cake everyone else’s cake.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images for ‘bethenny’

And you’re not afraid of an orange jumpsuit.

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3. You’re like…okay at social media.

ID: 3534233

4. (Which is the real source of your power.)

ID: 3534238

5. You’re a Halloween MASTER.

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6. The only holiday you like better is Easter…

ID: 3541627

7. Or maybe July 4th…

ID: 3541673

8. How about Valentine’s Day?

ID: 3541692

9. Ahh no Christmas!

ID: 3541695

10. You’ve never met a Mason jar you didn’t want to cutely modify.

ID: 3534337

11. Nor a dog you didn’t want to pamper.


ID: 3534472

12. You’ve always been a straight-up fox, from Day 1.

ID: 3534516

13. Your house is p. cool.

ID: 3534369

14. So are your friends.

ID: 3534486

15. You’re wicked into making your home look perfect.

Whether it’s a dorm room or a mansion.

ID: 3541744

16. You can appreciate a bit of espresso-based whimsy.

It’s a catpuchino.

ID: 3534373

17. You live by the adage that everything, no matter how small, deserves glitter.

ID: 3534405

18. You get along with pretty much everyone.

ID: 3541439

19. (Because obviously you smell great.)

ID: 3541454

20. You’re not afraid to get a little weird.

ID: 3541456

21. Or to get your hands dirty.

Poor Princess Peony :(

ID: 3541702

22. Your meals are next-level.

And you appreciate the beauty of simple, home-cooked food.

ID: 3541551

23. Your thumb is totally green.

Or at least, a greenish shade of dirt-brown.

ID: 3541573

24. Even when you hit a bump in the road, you come back stronger than ever.

ID: 3541767

25. You <3 America.

ID: 3534425

26. And everyone <3s you.

ID: 3534382

27. Because this is your world and the rest of us are just living in it.

ID: 3541608

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