24 Ideas For Throwing The Perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

If you think Feb. 14 is the absolute worst, you’re not alone.

1. First, send out your invitations.

ID: 840332

Ceci n’est pas une Valentine. Available here.

ID: 840062

Available here.

ID: 840016

4. Decorate accordingly.

Buy this blood-spattered heart garland here.

ID: 840028

Available here.

ID: 840439

This is a painting of a cat that has just killed Cupid so all art can stop now. Buy it here.

ID: 840064

There’s no better way to vent ire than by smashing something repeatedly with a bat.

ID: 840395

8. Set the mood with a candle.

This candle smells like BETRAYAL and HEARTBREAK*. Available here.

*actually orange and hydrangea.

ID: 839991

9. And by playing this gem of an album.

It’s available on Amazon and iTunes and contains such cathartic hits as “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” (sic).

ID: 840517

10. Serve cookies inspired by conversation hearts.

Except, you know, the exact opposite.

ID: 839730

11. Make your point with cupcakes.

By Mom and Pops. Also re: “make a point,” sorry about that.

ID: 840681

12. Make Stupid Cupid cocktails.

Featuring all the gin and bitters you could ever want. Recipe here.

ID: 840383

13. Have your guests participate in some soothing arts and crafts.

Embroidery sampler here.

ID: 840156

Make your own voodoo dolls. Directions here.

ID: 840559

These earrings are made from tampons so you can ruin everyone else’s Valentine’s Day too. Directions here.

ID: 840476

16. Play the Mustache Game with this cinematic masterpiece.

Never heard of the Mustache Game? You’re welcome.

ID: 840594

17. Paint manicures with “Valentine, Schmalentine.”

Polish available here.

ID: 840035

18. Or venture into true nail art territory.

Take your inspiration from Polish Me Pink.

ID: 840420

Use shatter polish to make broken hearts. Directions here.

ID: 840700

A more positive spin from Emily’s Nail Files.

ID: 840454

21. Send your guests off with appropriate party favors.

Like this anatomically correct heart pin, to remind everyone what hearts are REALLY for. Available here.

ID: 840023

I can’t imagine a situation that calls for broken-heart-themed nipple pasties, but I’m sure you can. Available here.

ID: 840657

Who better to remind everyone about the futility of love and Valentine’s Day’s rampant, manipulative commercialism than Grumpy Cat? Buy the plushie here.

ID: 839982

Everyone, even the most hard-line cynics, could use a reminder. Available here.

ID: 840034

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