20 People Who Knitted Their Way Through The Super Bowl

Handicrafts and sports are not mutually exclusive passions. posted on

1. These happy crafters.

2. This inquisitive dog.

3. These partygoers.

6. This oblivious crocheter.

Knitting and crochet are different things, but all crafts were created equal.

7. The creator of these stripey socks.

8. And these ombre ones.

9. And this who-even-knows-but-it’s-amazing.

10. This good sport.

11. This not-so-good sport.

12. This goofy-face-maker.

13. This cozy stripe-knitter.

14. This big-dog owner.

Big dog at right.

15. This flu victim.


16. Not these haters.

Heather over here knitting durning the Super Bowl #Wtf" target="_blank">">#Wtf #ThatShitIDontLike" target="_blank">">#ThatShitIDontLike

18. These people who know how to live.

Knitting while watching the Super Bowl. #LivingTheLife" target="_blank">">#LivingTheLife


Yes, I am knitting at a Super Bowl party. Yes, my scarf will likely be done by the time the game is. #Superbowl" target="_blank">">#Superbowl #bored" target="_blank">">#bored #bringbackbeyonce" target="_blank">">#bringbackbeyonce



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