19 Times Anthropologie Was Just Straight-Up Trolling

You want me to give you HOW MUCH of my money??? For THAT?

Here’s the deal: Anthropologie is delightful.

I am currently wearing about three things purchased from there, and my apartment features even more of its painfully adorable doo-dads. The brand gives artists a platform to showcase their work and provides aesthetic pleasure to millions.

But that in no way excuses the following.

ID: 3459411

1. When it attempted to sell us this Frankenstein’s monster.

Which costs 900 American dollars.

ID: 3459340

2. And this $4,000 ping-pong table shaped like Easter Island.

That shape should really make playing ping-pong a fun time.

ID: 3459369

3. When it suspended an army of teacups from the ceiling.

ID: 3459671

4. And a legion of brooms.

ID: 3459708

5. When it offered this $880 wasp comb made of glass.

It currently has a single one-star review.

ID: 3459459

6. And this “small neon wonky pot.”

Hovering just south of $200.

ID: 3459472

7. And this waterlogged tent.

It’s on sale for $7,000, down from $9,000! Bargain of the century, y’all.

ID: 3459321

8. When it saw fit to replace perfectly good clock hardware with feathers.

For a cool $250, of course.

ID: 3459614

9. And when one clock WAS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH.

You might be late!!

ID: 3459690

10. When it sold these eerily lifelike woolen finger puppets, which originally retailed for $480.

Now they can be yours for just $240.

ID: 3459529

11. Also: this creepy hat and stand that is the stuff of True Detective-inspired nightmares.

ID: 3459544

12. Can’t forget this furry bench.

Which actually seems rad except for the $700 price tag.

ID: 3459582

13. When it shoved this poor inanimate hedgehog full of pencils.

“Help meeeeeee.”

ID: 3459700

14. When it pioneered the $500 candy-Hydra.

ID: 3459603

15. When it declared that the single fireplace was so passé.

Wait, your hearth ISN’T covered in fake mushrooms? Peon.

ID: 3459719

16. When it saw fit to sell this $800 nonfunctional blast from the past.

ID: 3459801


It eventually got knocked down to $1,500, if you can imagine.

ID: 3459851

18. When this chair had an identity crisis.

ID: 3459932

19. And finally: when this teapot just could not.

It’s $400. Keep doing you, Anthro.

ID: 3459575

h/t my mom for keeping an eye out for the most ridiculous stuff

ID: 3460688

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