17 Reasons Drunk Cleaning Is The Absolute Best

Chardonnay pairs so well with Lysol.

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1. You’re gonna wanna do SOMETHING when you’re tipsy…

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2. …And cleaning is way more productive/less life-ruining than drunk-texting your ex.

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3. It’s also cheaper than staying out and spending your life savings on more booze.

No matter how loudly your drunk self is clamoring for it.

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4. Drinking automatically makes annoying things seem less so.

Like you know how when you’re talking to your horrendously irritating co-worker, it’s so much easier when you’re buzzed? It’s like that, but for dishes.

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5. Drinking gives you new, innovative ideas for how to clean.

Like the PARQUET DANCE CRAZE that’s sweeping the nation. (By “nation” I mean “your room.”)

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6. As well as plenty of energy.

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7. All that productivity will make you feel like you can take on the world.

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8. (Especially because being buzzed makes life’s little triumphs seem so much bigger.)

“I swept the hallway? I SHOULD BE PRESIDENT.”

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9. You can make cleaning a game!

Drink every time you feel incredibly adult and responsible. Stop when you start vacuuming the houseplants.

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10. Or pair your activities with your drink.

The Frisky has some truly ingenious ideas for doing just that.

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11. It’s probably not ~safe~ to operate relatively heavy machinery like power-washers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not ~fun~.

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12. Drinking is the ideal way to get over that procrastination hump.

You know, the one that’s kept you from scrubbing your grout, ever.

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13. Cleaning provides a solo respite when the people you were hanging out with start to bug you/cause drama/be other humans.

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14. Life’s too short not to multitask.

Nah Peggy, you’re not.

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15. Think of it as a gift to your future self.

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16. Because when you wake up totally hungover the next day…

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17. The absolute last thing on the planet you’ll want to do is clean.

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