15 Hillary Clinton-Inspired Crafts You Can Own

She may be leaving her Secretary of State post, but you can keep a piece of her in your day-to-day life with an embroidery sampler. Or mug.

1. Embroidery Sampler

Buy it here.

ID: 852949

2. Dog Hoodie

Available here.

ID: 853273

3. Photo Cake

Buy the supplies you need to make your own printed cake here.

ID: 853107

4. Throw Pillow

Available here.

ID: 853247

5. Ruffled Tank Top

Available here.

ID: 852931

6. Grilling Apron

ID: 853178

7. Faces Necklace

Available here.

ID: 852939

8. Plaster Statue

Available here.

ID: 852928

9. Hippie Clintons Fridge Magnet

Available here.

ID: 852945

10. Knitted Doll

Pattern available here.

ID: 853121

11. Hollow Book

ID: 852962

Buy it here.

ID: 852963

12. Vintage Boogie Doll

It dances. Buy it here.

ID: 852965

13. Quilt Square

By Barbara Brackman. Get your own quilt squares printed here.

ID: 853152

14. Mug

Buy it here.

ID: 853223

15. Phone Case

So you too can text Hillary without fear of breaking your phone. Buy it here.

ID: 853189

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