30 Dark Side Ways We’d All Be Tempted To Use The Force

Once you’ve mastered it, you might as well abuse it.

1. To Change the Color of Stoplights

All green, all the time.

2. To Get the Bartender’s Attention

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“You want to make mine a double…”

3. To Stop an Argument with Your Significant Other

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“Why can’t I remember what we were talking about, honey?”

4. To Win an Argument with Your Significant Other

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“Yeah…I guess you’re right.”

5. To Win Everything, Ever

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Just call this a royal flush.

6. To Turn On the Bathroom Light After a Scary Movie

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Anybody in there?

7. To Choke a Bitch

Via http://guardian.co.uk

Only if they deserve it…which is usually.

8. To Fold Laundry

Via Kinesi

Since when is multitasking so wrong?

9. To Get a Loan

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“I could pay it back…or you could move along.”

10. To Cut in Line

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It’s like being invisible, until you get helped first.

11. To Place Winning Bets


Qui-Gon did it, so can you!

12. To Make Kids Go To Sleep

Via http://www.wikihow.com

“Your eyelids are getting heavy…”

13. To Change the Weather

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Don’t want to go to work? How about a hurricane?

14. To Be An Amazing Athlete

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Like, one-person Olympic team level amazing.

15. To Reduce Buffering Times

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If this isn’t suffering, I don’t know what is.

16. To Get Out of Speeding Tickets

Via http://www.ehow.com

“I was going ten under, sir.”

17. To Move Furniture

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“I can’t believe I’m doing this with my mind!”

18. To Walk on Water

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Watch your back, Jesus.

19. To Make Sure You’re the Best Dressed

Via http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Don’t let this be you.

20. To Kill Spiders

Via http://cisr.ucr.edu

Just close your eyes and visualize the squishing.

21. To Wage War

Via http://truthnet.org

Humanity’s age-old favorite pastime.

22. To Make Someone Else Trip

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Because that shit is hilarious.

23. To Hook Up With Hotties

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“You want to make me pancakes in the morning…”

24. To Pump Gas in the Rain or Snow

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Spare your hands.

25. To Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

Via http://theoutsidescoop.net

And maybe throw it at people.

26. To Screen Calls

Via http://eguides.sprint.com

“Sandy is calling…I sense she wants something…”

27. To Play Pranks

Via http://www.break.com

Let the cubicle wrap itself.

28. To Slow Aging

LucasFilm / Via http://wikipedia.org

Well….good luck with that one, actually.

29. To Stop Loved Ones From Dying


This one has been known to backfire as well.

30. To Cut Fruit


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