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    • ajy41290

      Dear BamaTitan901,  Was the goal of this Buzzfeed post to highlight the gothic architecture of Sewannee, or to serve as a personal attack against Rhodes College for inadvertently being featured on a list officially created by Buzzfeed, and thus illustrating your jealousy and perhaps potential regret of picking the wrong college setting? I think so, and I think that is what other readers will also think, as the use of Hogwarts only seems to serve as an excuse for your public display of insecurity. Perhaps your time would have been better served by contacting Buzzfeed and pleading your case to them in the hopes of being featured in an additional 21 colleges that make one feel that they are at Hogwarts article. Or perhaps your time would have been better served by taking a long and ponderous walk through those foggy woods you cherish so much, instead of making an embarrassing scene on the internet for all of the world to see.  Just something to consider…