What It’s Like To Be A UFC Fan, As Told Through "Breaking Bad" GIFs

The joys, trials, and tribulations of being a hopeless Ultimate Fighting fan, as only Walt, Jesse, and Saul can tell it…

1. It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re getting ready for the fightcard…

ID: 1627279

2. relaxing, ordering pizza: the calm before the storm …

ID: 1627282

3. You’ve got your picks all lined up and you’re as confident as a Diaz brother…

ID: 1627283

4. Your snooty friend texts and asks what you’re doing tonight. You say watching UFC. They turn their nose up. You feel sorry for them. Their night looks like this:

ID: 1627287

6. While yours looks like this:

ID: 1627290

8. You’ve got everything set up but your cable suddenly goes out for a minute so you have a panic attack:

ID: 1627295

10. But it, thankfully, comes back on (phew!)…

ID: 1627303

11. You’re trying to live-Tweet the fight on Twitter, while someone is filling up your Mentions about something else and you’re all like:

ID: 1627308

12. Then there’s someone desperately Tweeting that he can’t figure out how to find Fox Sports 1 on his TV. Ugh.

ID: 1627311

13. … and you wonder how some people are that clueless (#headdesk)…

ID: 1627316

14. But you send him the “Channel Finder” link because MMA fans stick together and educate one another:

ID: 1627319

15. Prelims are over and it’s time for a little commentary on FOX before the main card, and you can’t help but laugh with Sonnen…

ID: 1627321

16. but also roll your eyes at some of the remarks:

ID: 1627323

17. Maincard begins. Time for the guy who talked a lot of trash leading up to the fight to walk into the Octagon…

ID: 1627326

18. and he gets knocked out in the first round - BOOM!

ID: 1627328

19. Then a fight goes to a decision. The judges totally get it wrong…

ID: 1627330

20. …so you go a little postal at the screen…

ID: 1627334

21. and start to have traumatic flashbacks about Anderson losing the belt to Weidman…

ID: 1627337

22. and you’re rolling your eyes at your friend who’s talking about how he, too, could’ve fought in the UFC…

ID: 1627343

23. Meanwhile, you’re still trying to figure out if that’s really a Johnny Cash tattoo on Belcher’s arm…

ID: 1627345

24. Your neighbors call to tell you to keep it down but you’re like:

ID: 1627348

25. The main event rolls around: submissions, knockouts, Mike Goldberg screaming “It’s all over!!!”, Joe Rogan’s voice echoing in your head… You’re totally stoked for 2 hours…

ID: 1627351

26. …but after a roller-coaster of emotions and jumping in and out of your seat 30 times, by the the end of it you feel like this:

ID: 1627354

27. On Sunday morning, it’s time for a little relaxation and rehydration…

ID: 1627355

29. Watching the video of the post-fight press conference, you’re totally concerned about the losing fighters’ emotional state, as if you know them personally:

ID: 1627358

30. Dana White reads off the night’s attendance numbers and, somewhere, the Culinary Union execs are bitching:

ID: 1627361

32. But you know he’s got it all under control:

ID: 1627371

33. On the Saturdays without any UFC cards, you feel lost and depressed:

ID: 1627376

35. Your friends try to console you by telling you there’s some soccer or tennis game on … but you’d rather watch paint dry:

ID: 1627394

36. And you think about giving it up altogether… but then you realize… you don’t want to miss out:

ID: 1627400

37. So you’re ready to do it all over again…

ID: 1627405

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