16 Things You Didn’t Know About “Gilmore Girls”

Alexis Bledel hates coffee. #MindBlown

1. Nathan Wetherington was originally cast to play Dean, instead of Jared Padalecki. / Via Tumblr

2. And Alex Borstein was originally cast to play Sookie, instead of Melissa McCarthy. / Via Tumblr

3. But Borstein guest starred many times and is married to Jackson Douglas, who played Jackson Belleville (Sookie’s eventual husband) on the show. / Via Tumblr

4. The entire town of Stars Hollow is the Warner Bros Studios backlot set called “Midwest Street” built in 1946 for the film Saratoga Trunk.

5. Due to the fast-paced speech in the show, the average script for an episode runs 75–80 pages, as opposed to 45–50 for a standard hour-long television show. / Via Tumblr

6. Lane’s father lives with Lane and her mother, but never appears in the show. / Via Tumblr

Perhaps he’s hiding under the floor boards with Lane’s forbidden rock n’ roll CDs.

7. Sean Gunn, who plays Kirk, made his first appearance in episode 1.2 (“The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton”), but not as Kirk. / Via Tumblr

His character was named “Mick” and he was installing a DSL server at the Lorelai’s home.

8. The exterior shot of The Dragonfly Inn is actually the home of TV’s The Waltons. / Via Tumblr

9. Liza Weil originally tested for the role of Rory and did not get the part, but the producers liked her so much that they wrote her the role of Paris Gellar. / Via Tumblr

10. The character of Lane Kim is based on Helen Pai, a co-producer of the show and the best friend of creator Amy Sherman. / Via Tumblr

11. Luke’s character was originally written to be played by a woman, but the producers figured that “there wasn’t enough testosterone” in the series. That resulted in Scott Gordon-Patterson turning the character around. / Via Tumblr

12. Luke wasn’t signed on to be a series regular; he was only supposed to appear in the pilot, but after the discovery of the undeniable chemistry between him and Lauren Graham, he was contracted for more episodes. / Via Tumblr

13. Alexis Bledel cannot stand coffee, but Rory her character loves it. When shooting, her coffee cup was filled with Coke. / Via Tumblr

14. Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) was supposed to have his own spin-off show called Windward Circle. But due to the high cost of filming on location in Venice, California, the WB changed their minds and decided not to go forward with it. / Via Tumblr

15. Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel dated off screen for three and a half years. / Via Tumblr

16. Rory occasionally speaks Spanish with Esperanza, where she uses moderate broken Spanish. Ironically, Bledel identifies as Hispanic and she can speak Spanish fluently. English is her second language. / Via Tumblr

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