25 Ways Trains Are The Most Glorious Way To Travel

Planes, no thanks.

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1. There is no better way to see a country than by train.

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2. It’s so civilized. You turn up 20 minutes in advance — not two hours.

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3. That is, if you can read the times correctly.

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4. There are no restrictions on the amount of liquid you’re allowed to bring on board.

200 milliliters of makeup? Why not!

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5. You can go to the bathroom whenever you’d like. And use your phone all the time.

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6. The train is pretty relaxed in general.

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7. Sometimes too relaxed.

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8. Gazing out of the window is contemplative and relaxing.

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9. You can bring all your own food and drink.

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10. And the dining car makes you feel like you’re on Downton Abbey.

And even if it’s just a snack carriage, then there will still be little tins of gin and tonic.

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11. As your peer out of the window, you can try to read the station signs as they skip by.

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12. And some of the station names are incredible.

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13. There’s an air of mystery to train travel — who might you meet?

I mean, which sounds better? Murder on the Orient Express or Murder on the Budget Airline?

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14. There is no sound more soothing than the train chugging along on the tracks.

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15. It’s better for the environment too.

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16. Sleeper trains are incredible. You can fall asleep in the fields and wake up in the mountains.

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17. And you meet interesting people on them too.

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18. There are train routes so legendary that people plan their holidays by them

Like the Rocky Mountaineer. Or the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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19. And train routes you wish were real.

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20. Inter-railing around Europe would not be the same if you flew.

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21. You arrive in a city centre — not an airport.

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22. Nothing beats the feeling that you are making a journey that has been made 100 years before you.

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23. Why see the top of the mountains when you can drive past them?

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24. And why fly over the sea when you can drive beside it?


This is the journey between Exeter and Newton Abbot.

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25. Trains forever.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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