28 Ways In Which We Are All Bridget Jones

Sweary, blonde, likes a drink. Bridget is all of us.

1. You begin the year with boundless optimism, determined to be a better person.

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2. But trouble always seems to find you.

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3. You get carried away easily.

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4. You are on an endless journey of self-improvement.

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5. Your professional life is one long fumble-save.

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6. Your boss always gets your name wrong.

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7. You e-flirt all day…

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8. And you’re never entirely sure what’s going on.

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9. In fact, you could really do with a career change.

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10. Your parents always call at the worst times.

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11. Your friends are nuts. And not to be trusted.

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12. And they’re certainly a bad influence.

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13. You’re resourceful with your clothing choices.

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14. You have a fuzzy handle on current affairs.

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15. But you know what’s important in your life.

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16. Your parents are realistic about your love life.

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17. You are equally realistic about your love life.

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18. You’re good at vocalising your frustrations.

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19. You’re also good at expressing your emotions.

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20. But you’re not one to take injustices lying down.

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21. You know that hell is other people.

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22. You leave the house looking like this.

ID: 1086586

23. And arrive, looking like this.

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24. This is your idea of preparing for a dinner party.

ID: 1086589

25. Your flirting skills are perfunctory.

ID: 1086561

26. You know your flaws.

ID: 1073915

27. But above all, you value yourself.

ID: 1073984

28. Because you know there’s always someone waiting who likes you, just the way you are.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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