This Mum Makes The Most Amazing Lunchbox Art For Her Kid Every Day

Lunchbox hack.

1. Eats Amazing is an adorable blog about lunchboxes.

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2. It’s written by Grace Hall, from Hampshire.

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3. She makes a packed lunch for her six year old son every day.

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4. Every day, she uses a different theme. Like ‘Angry Birds’.

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5. Or ‘dogs’.

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6. Or ‘pirates’.

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7. Or ‘trains’.

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8. Grace uses toothpicks and cookie cutters to shape the scenes.

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9. Each lunchbox takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare.

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10. Although sometimes her son requests special themes, which might take a little longer.

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11. Grace takes her inspiration from Japanese bento boxes.

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12. Making the lunches allows her to be creative, she explains.

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She told the Daily Mail, “they were a great outlet for my own creativity - as a full-time mum I get very little time for myself. So making lunches is a way for me to turn an everyday chore into an opportunity to get creative.”

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