20 Things You’ll Only Know If Your Parents Were Dentists

“Suction” is more than just a funny word.

1. You thought the tooth fairy was a colleague of your parents’.

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2. You know that this is called an X-ray picture, not an X-ray.

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3. You know exactly what each of these does.

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4. You have flossing guilt.

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5. You’ve done a shift as a receptionist in the surgery. Or as a nurse.

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6. People automatically open their mouth when they see you and ask about their wisdom teeth.

What am I supposed to do? A dentistry degree isn’t genetically transferred you know.

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7. And then they peer at yours, expectantly.

“How come you’ve got a filling if your parents are dentists?”

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8. And you have to listen to people explain their fear of the dentist.

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9. You get excited by dentists in pop culture.

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10. You wince at non-sugar-free gum.

ID: 1829843

11. But clearly you still drink full-fat Coke.

ID: 1829845

12. When you travel, you bring three toothbrushes, but forget to pack socks.

ID: 1829881

13. You can spot veneers a mile off.

ID: 1829887

14. And you know more about dental implants than silicone ones.

ID: 1829907

15. You have magazines and slides at home that look gross to visitors, but totally normal to you.

ID: 1829933

16. You are never not weirded out by your parents using their doctor voice on the home phone when they’re on call.

ID: 1829984

17. You’re calm when in the chair yourself, but still flinch at the needle.

ID: 1827156

18. You “borrowed” some topical anesthetic when you got your ears pierced.

ID: 1829998

19. You see nothing weird about this ad.

ID: 1829876

20. And you were raised with good habits, so you know at least you’ll never end up looking like this.

ID: 1830312

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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