14 Ways Nathan Barley Predicted The Future

Eight years on, the idiots are winning.

1. Cameraphones with MP3 decks.

ID: 2158326

2. The existence of Dad Wars.

Channel Four

ID: 2158383

3. The contents of Michael Portillo’s iPod.

Channel Four

ID: 2158490

4. This kind of office space.

Channel Four

ID: 2158717

5. This unfortunate redesign.

Channel Four

ID: 2164070

6. This choir for rehabillitated addicts.

Channel Four

ID: 2158815

7. This T-shirt.

Channel Four

ID: 2164085

8. This art installation.

Channel Four

ID: 2164126

9. This musical.

ID: 2164137

10. This way of ordering in a restaurant.

Channel Four

ID: 2164239

11. This hairstyle.

Channel Four

ID: 2164325

12. This news story.

Channel Four

ID: 2164381

13. This mini-printer.

ID: 2164424

14. This terrifying game.

ID: 2164488

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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