The 26 Stages Of Taking Up Running

What’s your P.B.?

1. Your first reaction to running? No thanks.

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2. When colleagues tell you abut their next charity 5K you’re like:

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3. That’s not to say you haven’t tried.

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4. Besides, you’ve got your Zumba class.

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5. But there’s a feeling niggling away at you. What harm could it do to give it one last shot?

Ailbhe Malone
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6. You pull together what seems like a good outfit and head for the park.

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7. As you take your first steps, this is how you imagine yourself.

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8. But actually, you look like this.

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9. When you finish your first lap.

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10. You colllapse onto a park bench. Pinterest lied!

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11. Cramps. Oh lord. The cramps.

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12. But you pick yourself up again.

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13. You next run is slightly less painful.

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14. You invest in better gear.

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15. And you begin to track your progress.

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16. You soon believe all the mottos that you have seen on the internet.

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17. You start to take pleasure in the smallest things.

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18. You suddenly know everything about carb loading.

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19. And this is bookmarked in your browser.

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20. You get a little TMI with non-runners.

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21. And you know more about the anatomy of the foot that you thought possible.

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22. You flip if you can’t find this.

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23. And you fear hitting the wall on a race day.

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24. It’s hard to explain the happiness that a new P.B. gives you.

(Even if you didn’t know what P.B. was two months ago.)

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25. But you know that you don’t need to be fast to be a runner.

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26. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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