The Rise And Fall Of The Highgate Wallaby

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1. Early last week, a rogue wallaby settled into Highgate Cemetery.

2. It had previously been spotted on Hampstead Heath.

The Ham and High's exclusive photo of a possible wallaby on Hampstead Heath. Case closed!

3. The wallaby got to know its new surroundings.

4. Local residents were not impressed.

5. But local businesses were quick to welcome the new marsupial.

6. The community learned to love the creature.

7. The wallaby invited its friends around.

8. Local animals tweeted insensitive comments to the wallaby.

9. But on Halloween, the wallaby’s sojourn was cut short.

10. It had grown too cocky and had hopped to a local playground.


11. And its North London jaunt was stopped by the RSPCA.

12. Goodbye Highgate wallaby. Hop on.

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