The 12 Days Of Christmas Ranked From Worst To Best

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12. The 11th Day of Christmas: Pipers Piping.

Urgh, so annoying. Who wants 11 bagpipe players for Christmas? It’s like your True Love doesn’t even KNOW you.

11. The 12th Day of Christmas: Drummers Drumming.


Only slightly less annoying than the pipers. What was your True Love thinking?

10. The 8th Day of Christmas: Maids A-Milking.


This is making such a mess! Didn’t your True Love read your Amazon wishlist?

9. The 6th Day of Christmas: Geese a-laying.


Hope everyone likes omelettes.

8. The 3rd Day of Christmas: French Hens.

Brilliant, more eggs. THANKS TRUE LOVE.

7. The 7th Day of Christmas: Swans a-Swimming.


Watching these swans is such a relaxing Christmas activity, I guess?

6. The 4th Day of Christmas: Colly Birds.


Beginning to suspect that your True Love has a thing about birds.

5. The 1st Day of Christmas: A Partridge In A Pear Tree.


FFS another bird. Ok well at least the pear looks ripe.

4. The 10th Day of Christmas: Lords a- Leaping.

This is more like it. Damn, these lords can leap so high.

3. The 9th Day of Christmas: Ladies Dancing.


Ladies dancing, what an extravagant gift, True Love. I feel so cherished.

2. The 2nd Day of Christmas: Two Turtle Doves.


These are pretty cute actually.

1. The 5th Day of Christmas: Five gold rings.



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