28 Signs You Were Raised By Irish Parents

Fáilte roimh!

1. There was only one cure for an upset stomach. Or a headache. Or a cold.

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2. And if 7UP didn’t sort it out, this certainly would.

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3. You knew that acting the maggot would result in this.

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4. And that if you took a notion, you’d get told to cop on to yourself.

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5. Towels and sheets were kept in the hot press.

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6. And you lived in mortal fear of leaving the immersion on.

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7. You learned that gas wasn’t a fuel, it was an adjective.

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8. You knew that a good funeral’s better than a bad wedding.

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9. And there was a patron saint for any problem.

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10. Someone, at some point, has lit a candle for you.

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11. You once tried giving up ‘giving up’ for Lent.

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12. The second anyone crossed the threshold of the house, they were offered a bite to eat.

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13. Or a cup of tea.

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14. You know that it’s Paddy’s, not Patty’s.

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15. If your mum was on the phone, you knew that goodbyes took at least five minutes.

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16. You were baffled to find that some people didn’t have any cousins.

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17. Leave the house without a jacket? You’ll get a chill in your kidneys.

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18. And you’d catch your death of cold if you went to bed with wet hair.

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19. Your love life depended on finding a ring in this.

ID: 1108296

20. And you almost broke your tooth trying to find the money in the Colcannon.

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21. It didn’t matter how tenuous the connection was, as long as visitors were in town, they stayed with you.

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22. If you wanted a nibble before dinner, you were told that ‘hunger is a good sauce’.

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23. And it wasn’t a proper dinner unless it had potatoes in it.

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24. But above all your parents were generous.

ID: 1108407

25. And welcoming.

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26. And they had the best sense of humour.

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27. And they put their family at the heart of all they did.

ID: 1108469

28. And still do, every time you see them.

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