25 Things That Prove Benedict Cumberbatch Is The Perfect Man

We are Sher-locked.

1. Cumberbatch is so much more than Sherlock.

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2. But a little Sherlock doesn’t hurt.

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3. He’s always impeccably dressed for a country getaway.

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4. Check out his onion-chopping skills!

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5. He’ll take you into outer space.

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6. He’s always up to date with the news.

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7. And he’s an animal lover.

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8. He’s friends with House!

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9. Damn, can he wear a suit.

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10. With added waistcoat action.

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11. Jaunty summer blue!

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12. And let’s talk about the hats.

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13. Loves a hat, does Benny.

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14. Wearing. Them. Hats.

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15. Two words: ginger sideburns.

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16. He’s secretly ripped!

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17. Casualwear? He’s down with it.

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18. Ready to travel at a moment’s notice.

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19. Never knowingly under-accessorised.

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20. Even when he’s playing Frankenstein’s monster he looks great.

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21. Did you know he can sing? And how!

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22. Not only that, he can sing while doing impressions. Amazing.

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23. Young Cumby was just as adorable as he is now.

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24. Even with a crumpled shirt, he’s still a fox.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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