21 Hospital Foods From Around The World

Travel the world, through your lunch tray.

1. California, USA.

Flickr: dongkwan / Via Creative Commons

Cheeseburger and fries.

ID: 2841340

2. Sydney, Australia.

Flickr: sally-aidan / Via Creative Commons

Pumpkin soup, apricot chicken, peas, and mashed potato.

ID: 2841361

3. Poland.

A breakfast of bread, pickle, and sausage.

ID: 2841311

4. Richmond, Canada.

Flickr: andreelau / Via Creative Commons

Sweet and sour pork, bok choy, and a side of honeydew melon.

ID: 2841365

5. Huddinge, Sweden.

Chicken curry and an orange.

ID: 2841437

6. Massachusetts, USA.

Flickr: docsearls / Via Creative Commons

Salad, chicken soup with crackers.

ID: 2841350

7. Seoul, South Korea.

This is from a children’s hospital. (“One is usually enough for both child and parent,” the photographer noted.)

ID: 2841490

8. Malvern, Australia.

Flickr: avlxyz / Via Creative Commons

Lamb tagine with sandwiches, fruit, and bread.

ID: 2841375

9. Japan.

Bento box with fresh vegetables, meat, fish, tempura.

ID: 2745823

10. Dubai, UAE.

Pasta, side salad, bread, cake.

ID: 2841989

11. Penang, Malaysia.


On the left, stir-fried turmeric chicken slices with rice and vegetables, soup, and an apple. And on the right, roast chicken with cauliflower, broccoli and mashed potatoes, and spinach soup.

ID: 2841597

12. Paris, France.

Fish starter, chicken and courgette main, bread, and a slice of pie.

ID: 2841449

13. Malaysia.

Flickr: henrywongyk / Via Creative Commons

Chicken and noodles.

ID: 3705528

14. Chennai, India.


Curry selection and chapati (left). And a Chinese selection (right).

ID: 2841792

15. Britain.

Flickr: criminalintent / Via Creative Commons

Minestrone soup, beef and onion pie.

ID: 2841344

16. Norway.

Bread, salad, and what looks like a burger.

ID: 3705512

17. Johannesburg, South Africa.

Flickr: aquilaonline / Via Creative Commons

Poached eggs, sausage, tomato, hash brown, and toast.

ID: 3705533

18. Tokyo, Japan.

Flickr: urasimaru / Via Creative Commons

Pickles, miso soup, rice, and what looks like chicken.

ID: 3705610

19. Germany.

Flickr: your_teacher / Via Creative Commons

Schnitzel, spätzle (dumpling-noodles), salad, and cake.

ID: 3705578

20. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Flickr: chandramarsono / Via Creative Commons

Noodles, chicken, eggs, and rice porridge.

ID: 3705615

21. New York, USA.

Flickr: avlxyz / Via Creative Commons

Salmon patties with saffron cream sauce, rice, pumpkin, and banana cake.

ID: 3705542


Descriptions of some of the dishes have been updated, thanks to help from the comments.

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