Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Mercury In Retrograde

And why it’s ruining your life.

1. Mercury is currently in retrograde.

(Or to be grammatically correct, Mercury is currently retrograde.)

2. That just means that it looks like it’s going backward in the sky from our vantage point.

This diagram shows how retrograde motion works. Mars, for example, orbits the sun slower than Earth. So when we overtake it, it looks like it’s changed direction. But in reality, it hasn’t.

Mercury is closer to the sun than Earth is, so its retrograde motion works in a slightly different way, but the principle is the same.

3. Each time Mercury is retrograde, it affects different star signs.

4. In 2013, the retrogrades are water signs.

In 2013, the retrograde hits Feb. 23 to March 17 in Pisces, June 26 to July 20 in Cancer, and Oct. 21 to Nov. 10 Scorpio.

5. So Scorpios may be having a rough few weeks.

6. Which means things have been going awry.

7. So awry.

Mercury in retrograde and you better believe my shoes leaked

— anakinsella (@Ana Kinsella)

8. Some people might not understand.

Mercury is in retrograde which means for three weeks I obnoxiously explain that Mercury is in retrograde.

— charstarlene (@Charlene deGuzman)

9. So just take care of yourself.

10. And take whatever precautions you feel are necessary.

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