19 Directions For Surviving Man Flu

This is real and it’s happening.

2. If you are uninfected, take care to isolate yourself from the unwell.

4. Should you need to comfort a sufferer, do it from a distance.

5. The flu incubates incrementally.

6. Initially there will be a sense of unease.

7. Followed by a realisation.

10. At peak manflu, you will be totally incapacitated.

12. Perhaps disclosing further intimate details may help.

13. Note that bed rest is an efficient tonic.

14. It may seem like the ailment lasts forever.

15. At times you will find yourself wondering what cruel being placed you on this earth.


16. There will be a false dawn.

17. And you may try and venture back out into the real world too quickly.

18. Take your time. Let your body heal.

19. And if anybody tells you that it’s just a cold?

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