19 Directions For Surviving Man Flu

This is real and it’s happening.

1. Manflu is a real and terrifying thing. Do not underestimate it.

2. If you are uninfected, take care to isolate yourself from the unwell.

3. This also applies to the workplace.

4. Should you need to comfort a sufferer, do it from a distance.

5. The flu incubates incrementally.

6. Initially there will be a sense of unease.

7. Followed by a realisation.

8. Take care to create a verbal quarantine.

Stricken with manflu. As I've reminded my girlfriend several times today already, I'm not one to go on about it.

— psmith (@Patrick Smith)

9. Be sure to use only masculine adjectives when describing the flu.

Man flu is a killer cant swallow at all like a big ball in ma throat.

— ConorCallaghan1 (@Conor Callaghan)

10. At peak manflu, you will be totally incapacitated.

11. This may be hard for others to understand, so use historical precedents to accurately describe your predicament.

If Females ever fell ill with the Man Flu they would then know what it was like for the people who died of the Black Death eons ago.

— Prince_Madness1 (@Sir #BraydenStrong)

12. Perhaps disclosing further intimate details may help.

13. Note that bed rest is an efficient tonic.

14. It may seem like the ailment lasts forever.

15. At times you will find yourself wondering what cruel being placed you on this earth.


16. There will be a false dawn.

17. And you may try and venture back out into the real world too quickly.

18. Take your time. Let your body heal.

19. And if anybody tells you that it’s just a cold?

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