Definitive Proof That Dogs In Pubs Are The Best Thing Ever

A pint of bitter, and a bone please.

1. There is nothing better than a dog in the pub.

ID: 2406845

2. Nothing.

ID: 2406891

3. They’re the perfect companion.

ID: 2406910

4. And they’re always eager to listen.

ID: 2406916

5. What could be more cheering than a welcoming hound?

ID: 2406827

6. A dog at the bar ensures quick service.

ID: 2406765

7. Although you may have to pay in treats.

ID: 2406834

8. The pooch will not be much help when carrying drinks.

ID: 2406831

9. They’re happy to reserve a table.

ID: 2407007

10. Be aware that they get sniffy if you mess up their order.

ID: 2406836

11. Even if you bought them something you know they’d like.

ID: 2406848

12. Pub dogs are wonderful at relaxing.

ID: 2406838

13. They find the cosiest corner.

ID: 2406842

14. And they make it their own.

ID: 2406889

15. Although they’re always happy to share.

ID: 2406843

<3 you pub dogs.

ID: 2407529

All photos via the marvellous Dogs In Pubs.

ID: 2407110

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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