28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend

The 11th Doctor is so handsome, but also the worst.

1. The Doctor might have two hearts, but he’s got a dark past.

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2. He’s not always the good guy.

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3. As soon as you get to know him, he changes entirely.

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4. There will always be another woman in his life.

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5. He has questionable taste in accessories…

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7. He’s emotionally distant.

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8. And he has serious boundary issues.

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9. He’s a terrible wedding guest.

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10. And is in constant contact with his exes.

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11. He’ll build up your trust…

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12. Only to break it, and your heart with it.

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13. He’d never take you to fancy restaurants, he prefers to eat at home.

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14. You’d always have to explain his job to people who just don’t understand.

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15. Worst. Flirt. Ever.

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16. He’ll over-react to everything.

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17. And is terribly sentimental.

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18. He’s reckless.

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19. And you’ll be in constant danger.

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20. Again with the constant danger.

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21. Constant. Danger.

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22. He’ll never remember to call.

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23. And refuses to commit.

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24. He will take everything from you.

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25. And you will give everything to him.

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26. But forget all the bad stuff.

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27. We’d totally still go out with him.

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28. Because what do a few flaws matter when there’s all of time and space to visit?

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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