27 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A Freelancer

This? Totally tax deductible.

1. Going freelance is a big jump, and not one for the unprepared.

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2. This is how you imagine working from home.

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3. But in reality, it’s this.

But if anyone asks if you sit around in tracksuit bottoms all day, you’ll shoot them an evil look.

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4. You have to put up with this a lot.

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5. And also this.

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6. This rings all too true.

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7. But you have ways of getting your own back.

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8. And you’ve learned the value of persistence.

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9. Your parents don’t understand what your job is.

‘So, you work for yourself? But also other people? How do you book time off?’

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10. Especially when you explain that shift work is not the same as full-time.

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11. Late night commissions are the bane of your life.

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12. The idea of a weekend is a foreign concept.

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13. And even if you have weekend plans, a surprise commission means you’ll usually bail.

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14. Getting paid by the hour is the dream.

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15. Although suggesting your rates usually results in this.

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16. Your concept of money swings wildly from this.

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17. To this.

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18. And you know not to turn down any job.

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19. Days without commissions.

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20. Weeks without commissions.

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21. And then, boom!

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22. But hey! Flexible working hours mean you can realistically have a pet.

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23. Though you might not have ‘office friends’, you’ll have a gang of like-minded freelancers.

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24. And you’ll always find a mentor to help you when things get tough.

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25. That new computer? Totally tax deductable.

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26. The lack of strings attached means you can travel like nobody else.

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27. And you can always make the most of a sunny day.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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