27 Things You Will Never Eat Again

Some of these we miss. Others, not so much.

1. Cadbury’s Astros

Still available in South Africa, luckily.

ID: 1078390

2. Cadbury’s Taz

Currently the subject of a revival campaign .

ID: 1078391

3. Cadbury’s Top Deck

Only available in Australia/ South Africa now.

ID: 1078392

4. Desperate Dan bar

So tangy!

ID: 1078405

5. Cadbury’s Dream

Apparently you can still get these at the Cadbury’s Outlet Store .

ID: 1078406

6. Vanilla Monster Munch

An abomination.

ID: 1078408

7. Fizzy Lizzy

So sour!

ID: 1078410

8. Hedgehog Flavoured Crisps

Not made from real hedgehogs.

ID: 1078413

9. Hubba Bubba Soda

The sweetest thing alive.

ID: 1078416

10. Panda Pops

RIP :-(

ID: 1078419

11. Cajun Squirrel Crisps

Probably for the best.

ID: 1078423

12. Banana Bubbles

ID: 1078440

13. Refreshers drink

Containing a questionable amount of ‘fruit’.

ID: 1078426

14. Roy of the Rovers bar

The neon colour was something else.

ID: 1078427

15. Dairylea Lunchables (Hot Dog/Pizza)

ID: 1078558

16. Opal Fruits

Starburst, you’re not the same.

ID: 1078450

17. SuperTed vitamins

And the porridge too!

ID: 1078467

18. Salt & Lineker Flavour Walkers

ID: 1078631

19. Terry’s Pyramint.

ID: 1078638

20. Toffos

Bring back the Toffo!

ID: 1078619

21. Polo Holes

Or in Spearmint flavour also.

ID: 1078471

22. Purple Ketchup

It was supposed to be fun. Instead, it was just weird.

ID: 1078477

23. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

Six feet of bubble gum - the dream.

ID: 1078510

24. Cadbury’s Fuse

Not even available in Miniature Heroes any more. Boo.

ID: 1078521

25. Cadbury’s Marble

Bring it back!

ID: 1078522

26. Onken Frufoo

Even though the toy in the middle of this yoghurt was always a disappointment, we miss it.

ID: 1078523

27. Gino Ginelli pizza

“Pizzas with more pizazz.”

ID: 1078528

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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