25 Amazing Moments From The Early Days Of Girls Aloud

They may have broken up, but Girls Aloud will always be the queens of our hearts.

1. Popstars: The Rivals brought together Nadine…

ID: 1002327

2. Kimberley…

ID: 1002328

3. Cheryl…

ID: 1002329

4. Nicola…

ID: 1002330

5. and Sarah, to create the greatest band of our time.

ID: 1002331

6. And they knew it too.

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ID: 1002333

7. Their rivals One True Voice long forgotten…

ID: 1002334

8. Girls Aloud went No.1 with ‘Sound Of The Underground’ in 2002.

ID: 1002335

9. How many weeks did it spent at number One? Four. Yeah. Four.

ID: 1002336

10. And then they followed it up with THIS.

ID: 1002338

11. Amazing.

ID: 1002340

12. Next came ‘Life Got Cold’. Nailed it.

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ID: 1002341

13. One True Who?

ID: 1002343

14. Debut album? Went platinum.

ID: 1002344

15. UK’s biggest selling girl group of the 21st century? You’re looking at them.

ID: 1002350

16. When one of Busted mocked Nicola for being ginger, she fought back.

ID: 1002353

17. They were soon appearing on magazine covers like this one.

ID: 1002396

18. And this one.

ID: 1002399

19. Of course, they went on to experience even greater success. But we’ll always remember those early days.

ID: 1002436

20. So… Kimberley, thank you.

ID: 1002355

21. Sarah, thank you.

ID: 1002354

22. Nadine, thank you.

ID: 1002356

23. Nicola, thank you.

ID: 1002357

24. Cheryl, thank you.

ID: 1002391

25. Girls Aloud: 2002-2013.

ID: 1002346

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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