22 Reasons Devon Is Glorious

It’s not just cider. Well, there is some cider.

1. There’s more to Devon than hippies and cider, you know.

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2. Totnes has one of the most successful local currencies in the UK.

The pound is part of transition town Totnes: which is basically a group of people readying us for economic and social meltdown by making everything local. The pound is accepted at 70 outlets in the town - and not just crystal shops.

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3. We’ve got a scientific pedigree. Charles Babbage, the Father of the Computer grew up in Teignmouth.

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4. Our musical output is excellent too. Muse? They’re from Teignmouth.

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6. Metronomy are from Totnes too.

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7. And they know how good Torquay can look in the sunshine.

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8. It’s no wonder Torbay is called ‘The English Riviera’.

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9. Jennifer Saunders lives on Dartmoor.

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10. As does Rik Mayall.

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11. Not forgetting about the Beast of Dartmoor.

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12. And the Dartmoor ponies.

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13. Climbing the Tors is epic.

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14. We know the correct way to eat a cream tea.

Channel 4

Cream on first, obviously.

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15. And our pasties are the best.

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16. Homity Pie is gurt lush.

Cheese and potatoes.

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17. So is our cider.


And our cheese. And our wine.

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18. Not forgetting Ambrosia.

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19. We host the International Worm Charming Festival each year. Which has the best website ever.

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20. The train journey between Exeter and Newton Abbot is truly beautiful.

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21. It’s no wonder the Grockles visit by the thousands.

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22. Who could blame them? As it begins to get dimpsy, you wonder why you’d ever visit anywhere else.

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