18 Ways Juicing Is Taking Over Your Life

Green Monster with a wheatgrass shot please.

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1. You see nothing strange about juicing at midnight for the next day.

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2. This is the kind of sale you get excited about.

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3. You no longer freak out about juicing beetroots .

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4. And you never forget to peel a citrus fruit.

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Rind, ergghhhh.

5. You have at least three ‘Green Monster’ recipes.

@thehappylifestylist on Instagram / Via

6. When you first bought your juicer, you couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was.

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7. But now you know all its flaws.

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8. You can’t believe you ever spent so much on bottled juices.

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9. Although you now spend the equivalent on ingredients for fresh juices.

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10. Your counter-top looks like this the whole time.

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11. And your fridge looks like this.

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@wholisticfoodienutrition on Instagram


12. You have so many opinions about Mason jars.

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13. You have a fine-tuned ginger gauge. / Via @inlakex on Instagram

14. You know where you stand re: wheatgrass.

@eatyourgreen5 on Instagram

@zadiza on Instagram


15. You have cried over spilled juice.

@jodeeoh on Instagram

@ingatnilsson on Instagram


16. And even though it’s time-consuming.

@eatgreencaprice on Instagram / Via

17. And you seem to spend your life cleaning up.

@qqiannn on Instagram / Via

18. You’re pretty sure you’re healthier than when you began.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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