17 Truths That Only Eldest Siblings Know

It’s hard being right all the time.

1. Access to this seat is your divine right.

2. As is the last piece of bacon.

You snooze you lose, brothers.

3. And of course, this bad boy.

4. You have usefully rated all the teachers in your secondary school.

“Oooh, Mrs Harris. You don’t want her for maths.”

5. You’ve seen your clothes crop up in several family photos, as they’re handed down.

6. You have done 1,000 hours of unpaid babysitting.

7. Which means your conflict resolution skills need some work.

8. You have been a bad influence.

10. Your taste in music is constantly validated.

11. And there is no pride like when your siblings catch on to the things you like too.

12. You have caused your fair share of tears.

13. But you have also helped dry them too.

14. You have made a survival plan for if your parents are killed in a freak accident and you have to become head of the family.

“So, presuming my parents have life insurance, that covers my siblings’ schooling. I can take on a second job…”

15. And though, as you grow older, it’s strange to see your siblings grow into adults…

16. …you can still never pass up a chance to annoy them.

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