17 Facts About Builders That Everybody Should Know

They can be lazy, funny, skillful, foolish, smart and downright crazy sometimes..

1. They operate heavy machines that can easily destroy your home

… or in this case the garden shed

2. Some parts of their bodies aren’t always protected.

The funny thing about this GIF is that while one of the guys is hit the right in the nuts, the other barely escapes being hit on the head.

3. They like to show off.

Not bad.

4. But more often than not they fail miserably when doing so.

Nevertheless, those were some nice skills until the end that is.

5. They don’t know their own strengths.

He wasn’t suppose to bring down the wall just to the alarm box.

6. Those dudes are crazy. Really, really, crazy!!!

That looked dangerous.

7. But they know how to have fun.

One of those “WTF???” and “This is the coolest thing ever!!!” moments combined together.

8. And how to prank their fellow builders.

Surprised there are so many builders who fell for this trick.

9. They are not the brightest bunch of people.

Although this looks very funny to try as well.

10. Maybe not all of them know how to handle power tools properly.

Imagine how much damage he could inflict if he turned on the drill

11. Sometimes they make complete fools out of themselves while trying to be funny

Serves him right.

12. The child labour laws don’t always apply to them.

“I’m a 8 years old kid who can drive vehicle weighting 40 tons. Deal with it!”

13. To the rest of the world they come off as lazy slackers but slacking isn’t tolerated at work.

14. Not all clichés about the builders are true.

“Move, love, you are blocking the view!!!”

15. They can do some mind boggling tricks

Bet you can’t toss a shovel full of mortar like that.

16. Builders disregard any danger

Insane!!!! But in his defense the ladder did reach only the third floor of the building.

17. And can amaze you with their skills.

That was AWESOME!!!

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