Someone Made A White House Petition Asking The Administration To Make It Illegal For Ben Affleck To Play Batman

Sadly, it was taken down.

1. Well, someone didn’t take the news well. After it was revealed that Ben Affleck would be the new Batman in the sequel to this summer’s Superman film, someone created a petition asking the White House to intervene.

Michael Dwyer / AP
ID: 1547724

2. It asked for the Obama administration to make Affleck playing Batman illegal.

Via Matthew Keys
ID: 1547761

3. The petition was removed.

ID: 1547804

4. Americans appear displeased.

Eric Ravenscraft


The White House removed the petition to remove Ben Affleck from the Batman role. They are SILENCING our FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

/ Via
ID: 1547812

5. Luckily there is a petition for those who want to make their voice heard.

ID: 1547825

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