People In Connecticut Started Calling 911 Because They Were Missing “Breaking Bad”

Iconic show, but don’t do this.

1. Hot on the heels of a Breaking Bad midseason return, which brought in a series-high 5.9 million viewers, some Connecticut cable subscribers nearly lost it when their cable went out before the new episode was set to air.

AMC, Frank Ockenfels
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2. Naturally, they called 911.

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3. Because of a power outage in Norwalk, Connecticut, service was down for Cablevision’s Optimum cable for nearly two hours during prime time.

AMC, Frank Ockenfels / AP
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4. Unsusprisingly, the police department didn’t find the Breaking Bad panic calls funny.

A couple of commenters added, “We take our breaking bad seriously here in CT” and “Missing Breaking Bad IS an emergency.”

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5. The final season of AMC’s hit drama has left fans clamoring to find out how Walter White’s journey ends. The finale airs on Sept. 29.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images
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